Choose a shampoo that best suits the type of hair you have now.

275.00 SEK

Lightly hydrating volume shampoo to improve fullness, gently detox and bring back shine.

Suitable for: Fine, flat or dull hair, oily roots and sensitive scalps.

275.00 SEK

Richly moisturising and colour protecting shampoo designed to gently cleanse and rehydrate.

Suitable for: Colour treated, highlighted, dry, curly or frizzy hair.

550.00 SEK500.00 SEK

Build lasting volume in thin/flat hair while keeping the dry ends hydrated and flexible.

Suitable for: Fine, flat, oily root or dry ends.


Select the conditioner for the level of moisture you require. Lighter or richer?

295.00 SEK

A luxurious, deep moisturising conditioner to soften dehydrated hair for a more youthful appearance.

Suitable for: Dry, colour treated, damaged or stressed hair.

275.00 SEK

Light, silky conditioner that softly hydrates and adds non-greasy shine without weight. 

Suitable for: flat hair, lacking body or shine, oily scalp, dry ends.

275.00 SEK

Moisturising conditioner to leave your hair soft, flexible and hydrated without any residue.

Suitable for: dry, damaged, curly or frizzy hair, split ends.


Dual functioning infusion serums to enhance the performance of your haircare.

Function 1: Boost it!

Add to your shampoo or conditioner and blend in your hand for an instant boost.

Function 2: Style it!

Apply to towel dried hair before styling for a powerful effect.

275.00 SEK

Energising, weightless serum for added strength and volume boost. 

275.00 SEK

Concentrated moisturising serum for flexibility and movement.

275.00 SEK

Anti-frizz serum with camellia oil for intense moisture and shine.


Our styling range is light and effective, for immediate results that are long-lasting and easy to achieve.

275.00 SEK

A dry styling spray for maximum root lift and incredible volume.

275.00 SEK275.00 SEK

Heat/UV protecting spray with anti-frizz and a smart styling memory.

275.00 SEK

Dry styling spray for touchable volume and soft 'bedroom' texture.

275.00 SEK

Flexible creme to boost waves and build natural curls in your hair.

275.00 SEK

An adjustable hairspray that dries instantly for non-sticky hold. 

275.00 SEK

Wet or dry defining spray for a shiny textured look in long or short hair.


Formulated to keep your hair feeling clean and refreshed between washes.

275.00 SEK

Transparent, conditioning dry shampoo spray without powdery brittle residue.

275.00 SEK

Refreshing dry shampoo mousse that dries immediately for a clean finish.

275.00 SEK

A dry styling spray for maximum root-lift and incredible volume.


3 of our luxury products selected for a special hair type. Beautifully packaged in our exclusive gift box!

825.00 SEK550.00 SEK

The ideal bundle to protect and nurture grey hair!

Suitable for: Grey, lifeless hair.

825.00 SEK550.00 SEK

Loads of volume and fabulously full hair every day!

Suitable for: Fine/thin hair.

825.00 SEK550.00 SEK

The ideal pack to vitalise any dry, damaged hair!

Suitable for: Dry/frizzy hair.