What do our customers say?

Essential Cleanse shampoo


"Bought the duo for my daughter and tried it one day, and now I'm hooked. The hair feels clean and fresh, and it doesn't look as damaged anymore."

Annica Wånge

POUFF'D dry thickening spray


"I am very impressed by this product. It surpasses everything I use for styling. The hair gets volume, looks thicker, and my natural flow comes through. Smells good. 💙"

Christina Berggren

Clean Mousse dry shampoo


"Pure fresh feeling right away. Smells incredibly good. Lasts for a long time. My big favorite ❤"

Märit Edsand

Volume Infusion serum


"Wow!! Exactly what my hair needs!! Incredible volume, and the hair stays fresh for at least 4 days!!"

Anna Lindfors

Invisible Cleanse dry shampoo


"The absolute best dry shampoo I have tried. Fantastic product."

Marianne Shields

What do our customers say?

V = Vegan

All of our products are vegan and 100% sustainable,
controlled and approved by GreenSalon TM.

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