This week's inspiration video: Chelsea!

  • "My hair feels so clean for days after using the Essential Cleanse. It's fantastic on its own, and even better with an infusion. Love it!"
    - Amy Laing, Edmonton, Canada
  • "I have lots of bad hair days. This schampoo has changed that. I’m forever happy that you made these products, thanks!"
    - Katarina, Örebro, Sweden
  • "It begins! ♡ This line is 20 years ahead of it’s time!"
    - Christina Johnson, Kansas, USA
  • "It's gorgeous through and through. I love the ease in formulating to each head of hair."
    - Trina Fuentes, Georgia, USA
  • "I don't think my hair has ever felt this clean!"
    - Kajsa, Malmo, Sweden

Why modular hair care?

Your hair changes daily, sometimes weekly, and definitely seasonally. It's affected by treatments and damaged by the elements. No two days are the same - no two heads are the same.

Our products are designed to be combined and blended by you, so that you can easily create exactly the effect you want, every day.