Style Memory Heat/UV Shield working spray
Style Memory Heat/UV Shield working spray spray 300 ml (10.1 fl.oz) MARTINSSON KING
Style Memory Heat/UV Shield working spray spray 300 ml (10.1 fl.oz) MARTINSSON KING
Style Memory Heat/UV Shield working spray spray 300 ml (10.1 fl.oz) MARTINSSON KING
spray 300 ml (10.1 fl.oz)
275.00 SEK


Heat/UV protecting spray with anti-frizz and a smart styling memory.


Protect your hair: Defend your hair against heat from styling tools (up to 200C/410F) and the colour fading effects of the sun with this dynamic heat/UV shield spray! 

Easy to make perfect: A styling spray and a hairspray with flexible hold, all-in-one! Can be applied to wet or dry hair. 

Instant re-style: Unique memory polymers allow  you to style, brush and reshape as needed. The hair easily forms a style and continuously bounces back into shape, even after sleeping on it.

No more frizz: Removes static and frizz to give you a super shiny, flexible finish. Can be applied over and over again without building up.


✔ Made in Sweden. 

✔ 100% vegan, sustainable ingredients.
✔ Recommended by Green Salon™️.
✔ 5x climate compensated through Carbon Footprint.
✔ 30 day change/refund guarantee.



Apply to damp or dry hair before styling. Add extra spray on each individual section before using heated styling tools. Spray when finished for flexible hold.


Uniquely blended from pure ingredients for Martinsson King in Grasse (France), our signature fragrance evokes the essence of sophisticated freshness that lingers lightly throughout the day, without interfering with your own scent.
Top notes: pink pepper / ginger / cardamom 
Middle notes: cedar wood / violet 
Base notes: white sandalwood / vanilla / frankincense


Alcohol Denat.Astringent, preservative and antimicrobial
ButaneColourless, odourless gas propellant
PropaneColourless, odourless gas propellant
IsobutaneColourless, odourless gas propellant
Polyurethane-14Film forming heat protection
AMP-Acrylates CopolymerStyle memory polymer for hold
Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate CopolymerHeat protection. High humidity-resistant hold with flexibility.
Aminomethyl PropanolpH adjuster
Diisopropyl AdipateConditioning emollient.
Benzophenone-4Environmental UV filter
Butylene GlycolConditioning agent, humectant
Triethyl CitrateBiodegradable ester for frizz control
PanthenolVitamin Pro B-5, anti-static, conditioning molecules.
Helianthus Annuus Seed ExtractSunflower seed extract
Citric AcidA natural preservative, pH-adjuster.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Helena gunnarsson Gunnarsson
Ger fina lockar som håller

Använt det i fuktigt hår och kramat fram mina lockar. Ibland fönat det torrt och ibland låtit det självtorka med bra resultat vilket som! Dagen efter finns de flesta lockarna kvar eller kan kramas fram igen

Susanne Pettersson

Håller verkligen frisyren och skyddar. luktar gott!

Ja vi älskar doften! Tack! :)

Marie Eklund Perruchon

Jag stylade mitt hår och badade sedan hela dagen , dök i vattnet flera gånger när håret torkat såg det nystylat ut igen!

Fantastiskt, då håller den ju vad den lovar! :)

Susanne Styre
Användbar spray

Gillar verkligen denna! Sprayar i fuktigt hår innan föning och sedan lite efter att jag fönat för att få formen att hålla. Ger lite volym, lätt stadga och luktar fantastiskt.

Linda Zander
Style memory

Bästa produkten för att få stadga och få lockarna att hålla! Favoritprodukt!