5 Top Hair Trends for Winter 2020

2020 has been a strange year. Salons have put a temporary pause on their activities. You could be forgiven for feeling a sense of frustration with your hair. Now is the time to ponder your next hair transformation! Soon you will finally be able to put yourself back in the hands of the professionals. We have some tips here about upcoming trends. Come, and let yourself be inspired!


The Return of the Bob

Have you had enough of waiting to get a trim? Do you want something new ASAP? I for one am always delighted to see the return of a classic bob, or variation thereof. This season it will be a less structured look with soft layering. The ever evolving bob will always be a winner in my book. A light twist with a curling iron, a little texture spray, and you are ready to go!

As I always say to my clients: ”There is nothing a good bob can’t fix."


Natural Take

This season we will see a more natural palette come into play when it comes to colour. Balayage will still be a huge trend, especially with a ‘grown in' root shadow. It only needs to be done a couple of times a year - a great advantage when it’s hard to get a salon appointment. Forget about the bright blonde tones. The shift is now towards creamy, sandy blondes and rich cinnamon browns. These nuances can easily be maintained at home with toning shampoos and conditioners. No matter how desperate you get for a salon appointment, NEVER lighten your hair yourself.



A low-key 2020 demanded effortless style, and this winter season will be no different. Curls will be shorter and accentuated to enhance their natural glory. Straight hair will enjoy a more lived in look with soft layering adding natural texture. It will be all about the natural flow of the hair. Thus, any products used when styling will need to be lightweight and softly forming. Use some dry volume spray on your roots to get the body and lift you need without making it look too fixed. 'Done/undone' is the way to go here.


Shag It

The shag is one of the most iconic hair trends out there. With it’s edgy, artistic, choppy texture, it adds volume and sass to any hair type. It’s versatile and easy to maintain and style. It's no wonder it's establishing itself as the hottest upcoming trends of 2021. Choose a length that feels right for you and ask your stylist to texturize the ends for lots of movement. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a curtain fringe (aka, ‘bang’ depending on your accent). The fringe needs to be just long enough to to sit over your eyebrows and frame your face. Try going without all that heavy hair hanging around your shoulders. You will definitely feel younger and lighter!

Let It Shine

We are becoming more health conscious as a society. Our hair and scalp should be central to that awareness. Salons and industry experts are reporting a huge increase of interest in this area. A healthy scalp is an important first step to shiny hair. Speak to your stylist about what they recommend. Your goal should be to establish, maintain and enhance healthy hair and scalp. After all, your hair is your crowning glory - and every crown should shine!



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