Sustainability at Martinsson King

We believe in the protection of our environment, from clean water to plastic-free oceans and unpolluted air. Our goal is to find better and more sustainable ways for you to purchase, reuse and dispose of our products along with formulations that do not contaminate our waterways or marine life. We will always endeavour to update our production as new or better technology becomes available.


Climate compensation
Our entire range is 500% climate compensated to off-set all the carbon emissions attributed to the production, shipping and distribution of Martinsson King. We want you to use our products with confidence knowing that we taking responsibility for the welfare of our planet.

Manufactured in Sweden
We have chosen to locate our lab in Sweden where our bottles are filled and packaged. This gives us the opportunity to guarantee optimal conditions for both our suppliers and retailers as well as provide more environmental friendly ways of transporting products to our primary market.



Conscious shipping and packaging 
Our bottles are transported from our supplier in China by train. Rail freight is the best shipping method for our climate today.