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Get one of our awarded dry shampoos.

  • Gives the feeling of freshly washed hair with a wonderful scent.
  • Easy to apply, removes oil and dirt instantly.
  • Conditioning and invisible with no powder residue.

Find the perfect dry shampoo for you!

Invisible Cleanse dry shampoo

  • Conditioning and invisible with a soft, airy effect.
  • Perfect for every hair type and colour.

Clean Mousse dry shampoo

  • Refreshing dry shampoo mousse that dries immediately.
  • Perfect for curly and textured hair, creating a silky smooth feel.

Root Lift dry volume spray

  • Super-dry volume spray that also cleans and refreshes.
  • Maximum lift and hold for thin, fine hair.

Choose your perfect dry shampoo!

275.00 SEK
275.00 SEK
275.00 SEK

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and conditioners.

550.00 SEK399.00 SEK

Lightly hydrating shampoo and conditioner for delicate hair which can be dull, lifeless and in need of care.

Suitable hair types: natural colour/grey, greasy scalp, tendency to be flat and dull, dry on the ends.

The volumising colour protecting ingredients in this formula gently cleanse the hair and soothe the scalp without any oils or silicones to weigh the hair down. Leaves the hair feeling clean and reinvigorated with a refreshing fragrance.

550.00 SEK399.00 SEK

Richly moisturising shampoo and conditioner for dry hair that is stressed and needing some love.

Suitable hair types: coloured/lightened, dry scalp, frizzy or curly, tangles easily, damaged or split ends.

Hydrating ingredients in this formula will nourish dehydrated hair, refresh and cleanse the scalp while protecting against colour fade. Leaves the hair feeling soft, flexible and calm with a lightly energising fragrance.

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It's personal 

Designed so that you can easily combine and blend your own personalised hair care, giving you exactly the results you need every day.


It's professional

All our products are carefully tested so that we can guarantee the highest quality, whether you are a professional stylist or a conscious consumer.


It's pure  

Our formulas are minimalist, using the lowest number of ingredients needed for reliable performance.


It's sustainable

No more compromises - get quick, reliable results with our sustainable, climate-compensated products and vegan, eco-friendly ingredients.


Satisfaction guaranteed

If our products don't make you happy, you can swap any of them within 30 days or return for a full refund.

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