Hair Products: Why choose salon over supermarket brands?

Hair Products: Why choose salon over supermarket brands?

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Never before has there been such a variety of hair care ranges for us to choose from. This goes for both professional and supermarket brands. A quick read of the labels reveals a fact few of us think about: many professional and supermarket brands use the same ingredients. On top of that, rival brands are often produced by the same manufacturer! So what is the difference?

Do professional brands really give you more bang for your buck?

Here we get into the nitty-gritty of what separates the two, aside from the price tag.


Aqua overload

Take a look at the label on any supermarket brand. What is their main ingredient?
That’s right. It’s water. Plain, good old-fashioned H2O.

While drinking water is great for us, adding it to our shampoo bottle is not so great. It dilutes the formula, making it substantially less effective than its professional counterpart. Professional brands contain minimal amounts of water. This ensures a far more concentrated, result-driven. Products like Martinsson King's Flexible-Duo allows you to boost the shampoo in the palm of your hand with pure hydrating ingredients, without the excessive water.


Build lasting volume in thin/flat hair while keeping the dry ends hydrated and flexible. Learn more about the Flexible-Duo here.

Flexible Duo

Flexible Duo

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  Even fine hair needs a moisture boost sometimes, especially when your hair is flat and colour treated. Hydrating Infusion serum blends perfectly to restore flexibility and bounce to dry hair without losing the volume at the roots where you… Read More


Less is more

A bottle from the supermarket will usually give you an overflowing palm of product. This is the unavoidable result of combining lighter packaging with a more liquefied formula. Granted, you are paying less in the short term however, you are also using an estimated 5 times the amount of product you need. Essentially this makes supermarket brands more expensive than you think.

Salon brands put a lot of thought into their bottles and the consistency of their formula. Clever design makes sure that you get just what you need from every squeeze.

Professional hair care always takes you further, faster.


Lather it up

You know that rich, fragrant lather that we all love? Off-the-shelf brands produce loads of it when you shower. Their secret: ammonium and sulphates. These ingredients are harsh on your hair, and can cause irritation to your scalp. They are also unsuitable for hair extensions and blow-dry treatments with keratin.

There are plenty of professional brands now that are completely sulphate free. This is the ideal formula! When they do contain a lathering agent, it will be Laureth Sulphate. This agent is credited as the safest to use on both the hair and the scalp. It does not cause damage to the hair shaft and is far gentler on the scalp. Keep in mind that, for hair extensions and keratin treatments, sulphate-free products are the only way to go. 


Shiny consequences

The vast majority of all haircare brands contain silicon however, in order to plump out their water filled formulas, supermarket brands contain TONS of it! Silicon, while making our hair soft and shiny, builds up over time to form a film coating on the hair. This makes it difficult to style - and a nightmare for your stylist to colour. 

The ingredients in professional brands are far more concentrated. They don't need as much "bulking", which means that the amount of added silicon is very limited. Some newer brands are choosing to add breathable or soluble silicone. The advantage of these is that they completely dissolve in water and are much more beneficial for our hair. Certainly there are more sustainable options like the Calming Duo that allows you to dose the Martinsson King 'Vital Rinse' conditioner with just the right amount of biodegradable silicone for your hair.


Deeply condition dry, frizzy hair for soft, sleek manageability and shine. Learn more about the Calming-Duo here.


Which will be the perfect brand for you? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. I can tell you one thing. After looking at all the available information, I know which path I will be taking.

It's professional all the way for me!

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