Debunked Hair Myths. Don't believe the Fake News about your hair.

Debunked Hair Myths. Don't believe the Fake News about your hair.

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There are many untrue myths about hair. Some of them have been around so long that it's hard to know what is actually true. We have activated our #MKdebunker to find some of the most common lies and dispel some of the hair myths.

Hair Myth #1. Cutting your hair will make it grow faster

Not true, however cutting off split ends before they spread higher up the hair shaft prevents breakage, meaning your hair maintains its length. Despite claims from many hair care brands, split ends cannot be mended or sealed but you can help to prevent them. Keeping your hair well hydrated and having good protection when you use heated styling tools, as well as going for regular trims at the salon, can all help to maintain beautiful flowing locks!

Hair Myth #2. Your hair gets used to the same shampoo and conditioner

Nope! If you feel your hair care regime is no longer working it is probably because the needs of your hair have changed. If you started out with dry damaged hair and have been using the correct products they should have remedied the problem so you may find they are now too heavy for your hair. Similarly if you have lightened your hair colour or have made some diet or lifestyle changes, this can affect the condition of your hair and you may need to add more moisturising products to your hair care. Simply put, your hair care should be reassessed as often as your skincare.

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Hair Myth #3. Stress turns your hair grey

Thankfully, after all we have been through in 2020, this is also untrue. Your hair follicles have pigment cells that make melanin, a chemical that gives your hair it’s colour. As you age these cells start to die and without  pigment the new hair strands grow in various shades of grey and 7]silver. When this process begins is primarily down to genetics, so, if either of your parents had a full head of grey hair by the age of thirty there is a good chance that you will too.

Hair Myth #4. Hair grows faster in summer

Out of all the hair myths, his one is actually true! Studies have shown that your hair can grow up to 10% faster during the summer months. During the warmer months our blood flow is far more efficient because it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep our internal organs warm and functioning properly. Increased blood flow means that more blood is reaching the scalp and increases the flow of nutrients to the hair, promoting slightly faster hair growth. We can improve the effects of this process by ensuring that we maintain a healthy, well balanced diet.

Good luck with your hair!


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