3 best tips for eco-friendly hair care!

3 best tips for eco-friendly hair care!

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We all want to use products for our hair and body that are good both for ourselves and for nature. But how do we make sure that they’re actually eco-friendly and good?

One problem is that many brands use words like “natural” and “sustainable” in their marketing, without actually being able to back it up. 

Here are my 3 best tips to make sure that your hair products are clean and eco-friendly!


1. Check the ingredients

To know if your product only contains sustainable ingredients, you almost have to be a chemist. Luckily there are others who check them for us. You can either use apps like ThinkDirty that lets you scan products for bad components, or check if your brand uses strict controls from organisations like Green Salon, whose Green List only contains products that use the most environmental ingredients. (The others end up on their Yellow and Red lists.)


2. Choose fewer ingredients

Often, “organic” ingredients are added to a formula to lure our attention away from other cheap and harmful components. The shorter the ingredient list, the easier it is for you to make sure it’s all eco-friendly and pure. 12-20 components can be a good number for a shampoo, for example.


3. Get climate compensation

It’s impossible to make a product and ship it to you without any impact on the environment. Select brands that not only create environmental products, but also make substantial contributions to organisations that help calculate and offset these climate effects by planting trees or reducing pollution elsewhere, such as Carbon Footprint.


We all want our products to deliver the right results. We can demand that they’re good for nature – and for us – as well! You can read more about our sustainability work here.

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Much love,

David Glover


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