• Movement, Bounce & Luster
  • Movement, Bounce & Luster

Movement, Bounce & Luster


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Suitable for a range of combination hair types that experience frequent changes in the manageability, flexibility and volume due to environmental and lifestyle conditions.

Essential Cleanse is a concentrated and refreshing hair wash, formulated for all hair types with naturally cleansing properties to purify and shield your hair from environmental stress.

Prime Condition is a nourishing creme rinse containing moisturising properties that absorb into the hair shaft on application to leave your hair silky and tangle free.

Volume Infusion is a non-sticky serum that strengthens the hair to hold weightless body and fullness. Applied from roots to ends after washing and towel drying, our leave-in serum will absorb completely for manageable hair that feels thicker, without stiff or sticky residue, until your next shampoo.

Smoothing Infusion is a concentrated serum that leaves the hair frizz-free and shiny without the use of silicone. Apply into freshly washed hair and either air-dry for a natural, soft look or blow-dry for frizz-free control and shine. The serum absorbs completely into the hair for clean, light-weight and non-greasy styling support.

Hydrating Infusion is a concentrated, lightweight serum that deposits conditioning moisture to leave your hair feeling soft and manageable. Applied from roots to ends after washing and towel drying, our leave-in serum will absorb into the hair completely to replenish lost hydration and protect your colour while remaining light and flexible to touch.

For added intensity, several pumps of either Smoothing, Volume or Hydration Infusion can also be blended into the Martinsson King Essential Cleanse shampoo or Prime Condition rinse to instantly boost your haircare in the palm of your hand under the shower.

Directions of use

Gives you the ability to fully customize your haircare on days when your hair is flat and lifeless, feeling dry and dehydrated, or frizzy and uncontrollable. All three Infusions are interchangeable, can be blended into the Essential Cleanse shampoo and Prime Condition rinse and used as leave-in serums for added protection and styling support.

Check each product page for detailed directions of use.


  • Paraben & sulfate free.
  • Silicone free.
  • Color & Keratin safe.
  • Heat style protecting.
  • Not tested on animals.

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