The Styling Power of Heat

The Styling Power of Heat

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We all want our hair to look and feel its best. All day, every day. Sadly, some people have given up on this as an "impossible dream", believing that they must choose between hair health and beauty.

What is the secret to rocking chic and polished hairdos daily, without risking heat-induced damage? Experience a gradual improvement of your hair health by implementing the tips I will share with you in this article. Let’s work together to beat the heat!


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An ounce of prevention…

The cuticle offers a measure of protection for the inside of your hair strands. However, it was not designed to withstand harmful UV rays or excessively hot styling tools. Prevention is the fastest way to healthy hair, and it comes in three easy steps:

  1. Use a heat protectant.

  2. Style at the lowest possible heat setting.

  3. Minimize the use of styling tools.

Shield Your Hair

A heat protectant spray is designed to minimize hair damage caused by heat. Apply some before styling to get bouncy, healthy hair. The formula’s vitamins and fatty acids moisturize each strand. The heat protecting ingredients then cover it all with a protective barrier, locking in hydration and minimizing heat damage. Will you be spending a lot of time outdoors? Protect your hair from the harmful UV rays with a heat protectant “shield”. Spraying it on only takes a few seconds, but has long-lasting results.

What should you look for in a heat protectant? One key ingredient is sunflower seed oil. It contains oleic acid that can stop hair breakage. This may make it seem like your hair is growing faster, because the ends are no longer breaking off. Sunflower oil also contains fatty acids that protect the colour, elasticity and integrity of your tresses, and stops them from drying out.

Find The Ideal Temperature

Your hair type determines the temperature needed for styling. Start at the lower end of the spectrum, and gradually work your way up. If you find yourself going over the same section of hair twice - don’t! Turn the heat up a notch instead. Your goal is to find the lowest possible setting to efficiently style your personal hair type. Remember to never use the highest heat setting of your tool. This will damage your hair regardless of how much heat protectant you use.

Go Easy on the Hot Tools

Can a hairstyle last more than one day? Absolutely! Use a style memory working spray to “teach” your hair how you want it to behave until your next wash. Look for a sustainable, vegan product that uses water-based polymers. These will help your hair move freely, while still holding its original shape. You will not need to use your hot tools as often. And the best part? You save time on styling your hair every morning!

Protect the texture, integrity and elasticity of your hair. Enhance its colour, softness and shine. A few seconds is all it takes. Your tresses will thank you!



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