Maintain and prolong your hair colour – our best tips!

Maintain and prolong your hair colour – our best tips!

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Ever since the pandemic hit, the challenge to maintain and prolong your hair colour and keeping the visible regrowth at a minimum has become quite a challenge.

Even with the prospect of salons slowly beginning to open up, many of us are either still struggling to secure an appointment or want to keep to social distancing for just a little longer.

One of the biggest challenges has been keeping your natural roots from taking over, especially if going totally natural and growing it all out was never a realistic option for you in the first place.

While we saw an immediate trend in natural grey hair at the beginning of the pandemic (the likes of which we have probably never seen since women powdered their hair white) and all the well-meaning intentions of finally giving up on the bottle, the reality seems to have kicked back in for many people.

Sharon Osbourne (former US chat show host and wife to Ozzie) who finally gave up on her famous ruby red shade to go 'natural’ silver grey, promptly returned to the original vibrant shade after pronouncing that she felt like a grannie every time she caught herself in the mirror. 

Red tones are as notoriously difficult to maintain (as blond tones) and colour care is a very important consideration in your haircare routine. Maintaining the vibrancy or protecting it from fading and sun damage is key to getting longevity out of each trip to the salon.

Here are a few tips to keeping healthy looking hair at home as we approach the summer season and hopefully a return to normality.


Never colour your own hair

This is the golden rule and one that you regret every time you break it.

If you are feeling tempted right now, put down the box colour, take a few deep breaths and go for a jog. Nothing good has ever come out of this type of self-medicating and

I have dealt with many disasters (both personally and professionally) many times. One good thing about COVID is that you hair stylist has probably never had more time and motivation to chat with you and will most likely take pity for an immediate appointment.

A little urgency in your voice will probably get quite a bit of sympathy from your colourist in return.


Colour protecting shampoo conditioner

Colour protecting haircare products are the best way to help maintain the freshness and clarity of your colour, no matter whether you are blond, brunette or fiery red.

Gently toning shampoos in violet, auburn or copper tones will counteract brassy gold, re-energise faded reds and return shine to rich brunette shades. Use sulphate-free formulas when cleansing to reduce surfactant stripping and keep you hair well conditioned with colour protecting ingredients like Shea Butter.

Regular moisturising will keep your hair healthier and hold onto the colour pigments for longer for greater depth and vibrancy. 

 Maintain and prolong your hair colour
Martinsson King shampoos and conditioners are vegan and offer full colour protection.

Vital Cleanse & Rinse

Vital Cleanse & Rinse

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  Richly moisturising shampoo and conditioner for dry hair that is stressed and needing some love. Suitable hair types: coloured/lightened, dry scalp, frizzy or curly, tangles easily, damaged or split ends. Hydrating ingredients in this formula will nourish dehydrated hair,… Read More

UV protection

Not something that many people in northern Europe are concerned about, especially if you haven’t seen the sun since October.

However, UV rays from the sun are a major factor in colour fade and the loss of vibrancy even when the weather is not particularly warm. Ultra-violet radiation damages the hair fibre, causing dryness, and the loss of colour pigments in the hair shaft.

Natural ingredients like sunflower seed extract contain fatty acids to minimalist sun damage, while using a water-soluble UV filter in your styling product will absorb the UV radiation.

Style Memory combines heat/UV protection in a flexible hold hairspray.

Style Memory Heat/UV Shield working spray

Style Memory Heat/UV Shield working spray

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  Heat/UV protecting spray with anti-frizz and a smart styling memory.   Protect your hair: Defend your hair against heat from styling tools (up to 200C/410F) and the colour fading effects of the sun with this dynamic heat/UV shield spray! … Read More

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Don't over-shampoo

Over-shampooing is a thing!

I remember during the 80’s and 90’s when was washing your hair everyday was necessary, especially when you consider the amounts of styling product we were using. The side effect is that every time you wash your hair, you dislodge colour molecules from the cortex of the hair and wash them down the drain.

Using milder, sulphate free shampoos with colour protecting ingredients will reduce the colour fading when you do actually have to wash you hair. Dry shampoo is the best way to prolong the time between actual washes and is the perfect solution to keeping your hair feeling and smelling fresh.

Try to keep the actual number of washes down to 1-2 times per week and use a conditioning dry shampoo in the meantime. You’ll save a lot of styling time in the morning too!

Invisible Cleanse is a conditioning and transparent dry shampoo for every hair type and colour.

Invisible Cleanse dry shampoo

Invisible Cleanse dry shampoo

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  Transparent, conditioning dry shampoo spray without powdery brittle residue.   Instantly fresh hair: Revitalise your hair with this cleaning and conditioning spray. Feel and smell clean all day! Easy to apply: Just spray though your hair for a lasting… Read More

Pump up the volume

One of my favourite tricks for disguising dark or unfriendly roots is to add more life and body to the style.

The quickest way is to change the parting and make it less defined. Keep the overall look slightly loose to detract attention from the obvious approach to runway 4 at Heathrow on your head.

Using your tail comb to create a zig-zag pattern along your part line is a great camouflage trick. Wearing a soft fringe or curtain bangs can hide any greys peeping out at your temples and building volume on the top with some extra fullness can also distract the eye.

A little back combing and a few soft beach waves will give you so much added confidence that no-one will ever notice those dark roots anyway!

JBF Volume gives you amazing, flexible and non-sticky volume.

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