Christmas is in the (h)air!

Christmas is in the (h)air!

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Christmas Season 2020 is finally here! Granted, it will be different in many ways. We will all find our own unique way to celebrate. One thing remains the same: we still want to rock the festive fashion. To put on a new outfit and play with our hair. I want to show you 3 quick and easy hairstyles to try out. Grab a comb and a mirror. Let’s put some holiday spirit into our hair!


Here are my top 3 easy looks for this Christmas:


Style it up

You don’t need to spend the entire morning in front of the mirror to feel the benefits. Simplicity is key when choosing an up-style to do on your own hair. 

I achieved this look by starting with a deep side part. Next, I smoothed the hair around the face and secured it in a ponytail at the nape. (Not too tight. This look should feel relaxed.) I then made a fishtail braid and pinned it in a circle around her crown. A touch of Smexy Firm Hold will help to keep it all in place. I loosened a few hairs from the braid to add to the softness.


Waves for days

Waves add an elegant, oh-so-romantic feel to a hairstyle. Perfect for the holidays! There is an easy way to create long-lasting waves with any hair length. All you need is a hot tool and the right styling products. Style Memory Working spray has arrived just in time for the party. We now have heat protection in the range. I can use styling tools heated up to 200°C without damaging those delicate strands.

The first thing I did was to spray the damp hair with Style Memory spray. Then I dried it, quickly and completely. I worked the hair by sections, spraying each one with another burst of Style Memory Working spray. With my hot curling iron I molded the protected sections into curls. This method not only protects the hair, but also adds hold and flexibility. The last step was to brush the curls through, mold them into place and create the waves. Finally, a spritz of the new multi-functional working spray, and voilá! The style has been upgraded to festive status. This look will last all evening, easily holding its shape and touchability. 


Bedroom texture

Do you want to know a simple but brilliant trick to get two looks from one blow-dry? Add some texture to freshen up your hair between wash days! Create beautiful “bedroom hair” quickly and easily by working the right styling products through your tresses.

If volume is your thing, we’ve got you covered. Apply some Volume Infusion serum to wet hair and blow-dry as usual. Flip your hair upside down to get all the fullness you can manage. Style it as you normally would, with a brush or heated styling tool. Finish with some JBF Volume Dry Finishing spray. And there you have it: that perfect slept-in bedroom texture. The best thing about this hairdo: The texture just gets better and better with time! Use our Root Lift Dry Volume spray for an extra boost on day 3 & 2 and a clean, refreshed feeling. It will never allow your hair to go flat.



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